Online Safety

During the Covid-19 pandemic and looking to what are likely to be ongoing ways of working, The FA has extended its safeguarding guidance for anyone working in football who engages online with under-18s.

The FA encourages the appropriate use of social media to help run your teams and leagues, communicate with players (via their parents/carers when under-16), and appoint referees, log results and much more.

Whatever way we communicate, safeguarding principles remain the same. Retaining boundaries is just as important online as it is offline.

Remember we all create our own digital footprint every time we post comments, photos and videos. Be sure before you post. If you wouldn’t say or do something face-to-face – then don’t do it online.

If you have a role in football then always make sure communications are relevant to your role – focus on the football, don’t share personal info or comments.

Please see our document gallery below: